Mt. Fuji is used as a decorative motif for the back of this all leather coat with leather and suede appliqué details. A fight scene involving a man and a bear can be seen in the foreground of our landscape, while a silhouette of Mt. Fuji anchors the horizon line. On the upper right front of the jacket a gold sun hovers above two pine trees and a distant Mt. Fuji. Fully lined, long-ish sleeves, and matching leather belt. Dry Clean only.

Made in Los Angeles
One of a kind

Size Small: back width (underarm) - 23", length (center back neck to hem) - 30"

  1. Mt. Fuji 08
  2. Mt. Fuji 08
  3. Mt. Fuji 08
  4. Mt. Fuji 08
  5. Mt. Fuji 08
  6. Mt. Fuji 08